Friday, 16 December 2016

About me (I)


My name is Nur Aisyah Binte Hanafi, but my friends call me Aisyah or 'Syah' for short. Of course they give me embarrassing nicknames to try and get under my skin, but I'd rather not dwell on those. My hobbies include spending time on my computer, listening to music, reading, doing nothing in general and a little bit of Taekwondo. I honestly don't think I'm very good at it as I don't have the stamina for it and I'm a little rusty as I took a six month break on it to focus on my PSLE, but I've been doing it for quite some time and I still take interest in it so it would be a waste to drop it. Hopefully taking it as a CCA would rekindle my enthusiasm for it to just as it was when I first started.

As the majority of my hobbies are relaxation-centric, one of my favourite things are free days when I can spend the day talking to my friends online about nothing yet everything and letting those conversations lead late into the night, even if we'll regret it the next day. Irresponsibility without consequences isn't necessarily a bad thing, having flaws and choosing enjoyment over perfection is what makes us human after all.

I'm quite shy and won't usually speak up unless absolutely necessary when meeting new people, but after I get to know them better, I start to loosen up and become a lot more talkative. According to the Myers-Briggs personality test, I'm an INFP and I'm also a hufflepuff ^-^. I do get attached to and depend a lot on my close friends but in return I'd spend hours comforting them when they're upset. Of course, like other people, I do occasionally fret about small things because my friends and I have had a rough time in 2016. I hope for better things in 2017! My Journey in SST begins here!

A video clip that caught my attention

What If The World Went Vegetarian?

True to the title, this video discusses and illustrates the answer to the intriguing question, "What if the world went vegetarian?". It gives simple neutral information to the hypothetical question and slowly transitions into debating the pros and cons of the entire human race converting to vegetarianism. It ends with the rational explanation of the increasing rate in vegetarianism to be most likely gradual and not drastic, thus giving people time to adapt to change and finally tying the conclusion to real life in which the truth is, as people become richer, they consume more meat, effectively cancelling out the declines we see in other countries.

I learnt that:
~Raising and processing animals is a very common full time job, with more than one billion people working as small scale farmers in the developing world
~Some lands used for pasture are so dry that without humans adding artificial nutrients, it could turn to desert
~Many scientists believe that reducing meat consumption is one of the best ways of managing climate change as livestock production is responsible for approximately 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions